I’m Tom, I’m 21, and I was born and raised in Merseyside. I’m awkwardly tall, a bit camp, and I am obsessed with the colour orange. Genuinely.

I’ve been a nerd for design from basically day one - sounds like one of those dumb and cliché things everyone says, but I actually mean it - I was fascinated (ok, a little obsessed) with TV presentation when I was a little kid, and tiny me would ramble on to people about what that year’s Big Brother eye would look like, what TV idents I liked and then trawl through the internet to find more… as any normal kid would ...right?

Nowadays, I love having fun with design and playing around. I’m a sucker for branding and packaging, and I really love dabbling into incorporating bits of weird illustration and type into those. You’ll find my work often being a bit odd, a little cheeky and very colourful, often inspired by my love of pop culture and the early 2000s era of design that I grew up with - it’s my favourite.

I really enjoy trying to experiment and create things in a completely different way than expected, and I like using design for good when I can, having stuff that looks fun - but with a purpose. Being inclusive is especially really important to me personally, and a lot of my work is themed accordingly.

In 2018, I started studying Graphic Design at UCLAN and had an awesome time. Along the way, I won a design competition in 2020 called Fresh Meat (held by the agency Bulletproof) - result!

I graduated in 2021, attending my final year entirely from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year I also won a Creative Conscience award for my Unique But United project, something I am so excited and honoured to be recieving!
When I’m not designing stuff, you can find me with my headphones in (but don’t ask me what I’m listening to because it’s probably k-pop or dance pop and I’ll get all embarrassed), drinking a gallon of tea, gaming, trying to make something in the kitchen, watching Inside No. 9 and The Real Housewives (quite a combo, I know), or just chilling with my dogs and cats.


Right - my last name isn’t that complex whatsoever, but i’ve grown up with seemingly nobody ever being able to spell it correctly… so I chopped the end off of it and just use that instead - it's like my kind of brand or psuedonym when I design and it just kind of stuck. It’s fun, sounds cooler, can’t get confused, and gives me my own sense of identity for myself - separate from anything or anyone else. Some people can get a little weirded out at first when they hear anything to do with the word "cult" - but I chose the name because... well, it's my name, and it links back to that whole pop culture vibe that I love or phrases like “cult classics”. Just don't change the L to an N, please...


It’s just a super abstract icon of the word CULT - try tilting it upwards if you can’t decipher it just yet. I just wanted something that looked cute, neat and a little 2000s, and so I made this Nokia snake style thing while experimenting with the word. It's technically an ambigram, since it's the same upside down as it is the right way up.