I’m Tom, I’m 21, and I was born and raised in Merseyside. I’m awkwardly tall, quite fruity, and I am obsessed with the colour orange. I do stick out *quite* a bit, which is something i've embraced... hence the whole "professional odd one out" thing.

I’ve been obsessed with design from basically day one, which sounds like one of those cliché things everyone says, but I actually mean it - I was fascinated with TV presentation when I was a little kid, and I would spend my time looking at idents, opening sequences, the Big Brother eyes... I was odd. That got me onto looking at logos and rebrands, and now here we are.

Nowadays, I'm a sucker for branding and packaging, and I love experimenting and playing with design, doing things completely differently and using it for good - creating vibrant and playful projects that have a purpose. Being inclusive is especially really important to me personally, and a lot of my work is themed accordingly.

I call myself CULT when i'm designing because... it's my name, kind of. Well, it's my last name, and no one can ever spell it for some reason (otherwise i'd be called Coult) so I picked it to avoid confusion and give myself my own bit of identity seperate from anyone else. It does raise a few eyebrows, but I like it.

I started studying Graphic Design at UCLAN in 2018, which was one of the best decisions I've ever made, no joke! I graduated in 2021 with a First Class degree after spending my final year of uni entirely working from home. (Thanks, COVID!) Along the way I won a design competition called Fresh Meat in 2020, and I won a silver Creative Conscience award in 2021 - both things I still can't believe I'm typing and am super psyched and grateful for.

When I’m not designing stuff, you can find me with my headphones in (but don’t ask me what I’m listening to because it’s probably something really cheesy and I’ll get all embarrassed) and drinking a brew. Out of an orange mug, of course.